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Odjaghian Law Group is well versed in the subtleties of California Workers Compensation Law. We are at the forefront of the governing rules and regulations, and our office is responsible for creating published case law that has given catastrophically injured workers access to quality care industry-wide. 

We have won hefty settlements and judgements on behalf of severely injured clients whose employers failed to respect their needs for proper healthcare and wage compensation. Many workers risk their lives for demanding employers without knowing their rights in case of a serious injury.

If you or your loved one was badly injured on the job, the employer (through their insurance carrier) must provide you with the treatment you need to cure you or relieve you of the symptoms of your injury.  The new Senate Bill 863 is restrictive and limits injured workers’ access to care. This is where our expertise of Workers Compensation law, coupled with our knowledge and expertise of catastrophic injury medicine, are  indispensable ingredients to getting you the best care and the outstanding outcome you deserve. 

It is in the best interest of employers to care for their employees, but too often, companies try to cut corners, and in doing so, compromise the lives and futures of employees badly injured on the job. 

While the gravest injuries can happen in construction, it is also possible to be hurt during other vocational activities. Slip and fall accidents or a tumble down stairs can be just as perilous, and result in Traumatic Brain Injuries, or spinal cord injuries. Toxic inhalation cases can also cause serious respiratory or neurological injuries.  

If you or your loved one is seriously injured on the job, call Odjaghian Law Group now  to get the help you need. 

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The Founding of Brain SoCal - Inaugural Conference Recap

Tina Odjaghian outlines her motivations for founding Brain SoCal and how she envisions the non-profit’s role in advancing the world of Brain Injury Law.

Brain SoCal is a non-profit organization founded by TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) attorney and advocate Tina Odjaghian to create a platform for sharing ideas among prominent medical-legal professionals in the TBI community, and serve as a resource to brain-injured individuals and their support structures during the most difficult time in their lives.

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