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Tina Odjaghian Secures Another Multi-million Dollar Victory

October 23, 2018

Tina Odjaghian of Odjaghian Law Group settled a $3.5 million case Tuesday, Sept 25, 12PM.

Doctors determined that the client is 100% totally and permanently disabled pursuant to Labor Code Section 4662(a)(4) due to an injury

The client was diagnosed with right temporal and parietal epidural #hematomas with mass effect, a subarachnoid hemorrhage involving the basilar cisterns, non-depressed skull fracture, multiple facial fractures and 3rd cranial nervepalsy.

A Neurologist diagnosed the Applicant with (1) Status post closed-head trauma with traumatic braininjury; (2) Right parieto temporal epidural hematoma with mass effect; (3) 6.4 mm midline shift to the left with moderate amount of subarachnoid blood in basal cisterns and fourth ventricle (4) Small penumocephalus; (5) Extensive basal skull fractures extending across both carotid canals; (6) Left jugular foramen; (7) Bilateral sphenoid sinuses involving the clivus; (8) Extensive facial bone fractures involving the right zygomatic arch; (9) Cervical myoligamentous strain; (10) Pulmonary and renal injuries; (11) Impaired right lateral gave with dilated right pupil and diplopia; (12) Left posterior inferior cerebral hemispheric infarct; (13) Bilateral-upper-extremity numbness and tingling of unclear etiology with mild right radial neuropathy; (14) Insomnia.

A Neuropsychologist diagnosed the Applicant with (1) Diffuse traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness; (2) Major neurocognitive disorder without behavioral disturbance; (3) Pain disorder related to psychological factors; (4) Mood disorder due to traumatic brain injury, with depressive features; (5) Vertiginous syndrome due to traumatic brain injury; (6) Unspecified disorder of binocular vision; (7) Anosognosia, problems with awareness. The doctor rated Applicant a GAD of 50 and a Whole Person Impairment (“WPI”) of 40% because the impairment is affecting his family/home life, as well as his recreational, social, occupational and sexual life, and his self-care and life support activities.

The settlement of $3.5 million is being broken down into a lump sum payment to the client of approximately $248,000 upfront cash, and the rest to be structured into an annuity that will pay him approximately $10,000 a month for the rest of his life, with 10 years guaranteed (to beneficiary should he pass within 10 years). If he lives his life expectancy, the actual payout may be significantly higher that the $3.5 million.

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