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Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Brain Injury Attorneys at Caala's 36th Annual Las Vegas Convention

August 21, 2018

The Nation's Largest Trial Lawyer Convention!

The team is very excited to be in Las Vegas Labor Day weekend. Thursday, August 30 - Sunday, September 2. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas!

We plan to meet with attorneys, law firm staff, and jurists in every area of the industry.

Come to our booth to learn about our specialty areas: concussions, traumatic brain injuries, catastrophic injuries and litigation in California.

Tina Odjaghian will be on hand to answer questions along with the team.

Contact us anytime at Find us on social media on Instagram @odjaghianlawgroup, Twitter @odjaghianlaw, and Facebook at Odjaghian Law Group.

Happy Labor Day!

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