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Industry Leadership

Tribute to Courage Gala

Tina Odjaghian spoke at the Gala about her experiences with Casa Colina and watching clients involved in the program that are able flourish and regain personal nuances that they lost in their accident.

The Founding of Brain SoCal - Inaugural Conference Recap

Tina Odjaghian outlines her motivations for founding Brain SoCal and how she envisions the non-profit’s role in advancing the world of Brain Injury Law.

The Maria Cozette Show w/ Tina Odjaghian

Award-winning host and executive producer, Maria Cozette interviews Attorney + Fashionista, Tina Odjaghian. Maria Cozette’s Show Seeks to Link the Right Brain and the Left Brain and invites guest to reveal their creative and innovative side.

Armenian Bar Association Judges Night 2018

Tina Odjaghian is proud to be a Board Member of the Armenian Bar Association. The Association honors those jurists who have distinguished themselves beyond the laudable lines of high intellect, efficiency and consistency.

A Reputation Built on Integrity and Respect

Odjaghian Law Group team is led with conviction and compassion by Tina Odjaghian, a highly respected attorney with 15 years experience. The OLG’s history of winning record awards is the result of tireless research, legal intellect, and extraordinary case management.

Tireless Advocate For The Catastrophically Injured

Ms. Odjaghian Speaking at the CAAA 2018 Panel on Catastrophic Injuries

Univision Feature

Tina Odjaghian discussing the rights of undocumented workers in injury cases.

UCLA Visionary Ball - Luminary Award Presentation

As a leading attorney in Brain Law cases and advocate for Traumatic Brain Injury research and support, Tina Odjaghian is a member of the UCLA Neurosurgery Board of Advisors. During the 2018 Visionary Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel which benefited the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery, Tina presented the prestigious Luminary award to Neurosurgeon Dr. Felice L. Loverso.

Leader and Lawyer Tina Odjaghian Addresses Brain SoCal Attendees at the Inaugural Event in Downtown Los Angeles

Tina Odjaghian, Brain SoCal Founder and leading attorney in Traumatic Brain Injury Law greets her capacity-crowd of 800 distinguished attendees, outlining her bold vision for Brain SoCal.

Odjaghian Law Group- A Constant Presence

California Applicant Attorneys Association Convention 2018 - Odjaghian Law Group supports the legal community by participating at events that connect them with colleagues.

Brain Socal All-Female Attorney Panel

There is no lack of female trailblazers or innovators in TBI Law, and Tina Odjaghian made her case clear with the impressive panel of leading-edge legal stars sharing their insights and experiences with the attendees.

Odjaghian Team and Strategy

The talented, specialized and closely-knit team of Odjaghian Law Group maintains a unique ability to handle diverse complex legal matters.
We provide our clients with personal and compassionate care and services rarely found at larger, quantity-driven firms.

Tribute to Armenian Law Icon

Armenian Bar Association's 26th Annual Meeting. Tina Odjaghian presented the award to the family of Rob Kardashian, Esq.

The Inaugural 2019 Brain SoCal Conference

Tina Odjaghian's visionary leadership generated a huge success. Tina’s goal was to bring the greatest minds together for the future of the field and the event exceeded all expectations. It attracted the top doctors and attorneys in the field, reaching sold-out capacity at 800 attendees.

Educating Colleagues - Silent Brain Symptoms

What We Don’t Observe Can Hurt Your Client - Discussion about a specific case with excessive blood loss leading to TBI.

Atypical TBI Presentation

Tina Odjaghian participated as part of the team of top legal experts during the Atypical TBI panel discussion. The Atypical TBI Panel focused on the rapidly evolving art and science of the successful Atypical TBI trial.

Leadership in Brain Injury

Tina Odjaghian brought together the Top Brain Experts for the inaugural Brain Socal Panel Discussions. Topics included: Various symptoms of A-Typical brain injuries, Hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries, and the key role of oxygen in irreversible damage.

Discussion on Causes for Atypical Traumatic Brain Injuries

Tina Odjaghian led and participated in insightful and informative panel discussions with critical topics including Chemical Changes, Hypoxia, Endocrine Dysfunction, and Toxic Inhalation.

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