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R.S. v. Berg Electric Corp.

Tina Odjaghian Law has recovered and collected over $200 million in settlements and awards on behalf of catastrophically injured workers in the last few years alone.


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M. Arana v. Aries Roofing Co.



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A.D. v. Costco Wholesale Corp.



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M. Ortiz v. Wolfe Roofing Company

Odjaghian Law Group

Get the Care, Compensation, and Future You Deserve.

Odjaghian Law Group shows utmost respect for clients and approaches cases with deep compassion for how a serious injury can change life instantly. We care about ensuring our clients get all the care and support they need, and often do things for our clients that other attorneys may never care about… Renowned brain injury litigation attorney, Tina Odjaghian, and our team take on the most serious injury cases, including:
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Toxic Inhalation
  • Severe PTSD
  • And other such life-changing, catastrophic injuries.
We See Our Clients as People, Not Just Cases… If you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury or other serious injuries, contact us. As your attorneys, we will see to it that your case receives first priority. Language is not a barrier, and we handle serious injury cases no matter your immigration status.

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“She is a great lawyer because she helped me a lot and got a great settlement. I thank Tina for all her help and for all her kindness. Thank you Tina, you saved my life.”

M. Gil , Construction Accident Settlement


Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation: Our Priority is Getting You the Care and Compensation You Deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or other serious injuries are life-changing for both the individual suffering the injury as well as their family and loved ones. 

At Odjaghian Law Group we specialize in traumatic brain injury litigation and are very familiar with the life-changing consequences that our clients face. We’re known for our compassionate care of people with serious injuries, and renowned for our assertive approach to winning record-breaking awards that improve the quality of life and care needed to recover from a serious injury and receive deserved compensation.

We win cases because we spare no time or money and leave no stone unturned in aggressively prosecuting claims. Entrusting your case to Tina Odjaghian and her team brings peace of mind of knowing you’re in the best hands. 

You don’t have to hit your head to sustain a serious brain injury. 

Oxygen deprivation and toxic chemical inhalation can also cause traumatic brain injuries that won’t be visible on the surface. 

If you have been injured, inhaled toxic chemicals, or been deprived of oxygen due to loss of consciousness and are experiencing after effects that include migraines, memory loss, dizziness, narcolepsy [sudden sleepiness], drastic personality changes or other irregularities, then contact us. 

We will listen and help you assess your possible course of action. Odjaghian Law Group is widely recognized and respected for their casework and litigation in traumatic brain injury and other serious injury. We have an excellent track record of winning record-breaking settlements and awards that clients need (and deserve) to support medical care and a new future following a serious, life-changing  injury.

Serious, personal injuries can happen in an instant, while you’re going about your everyday life. If you’ve suffered a serious personal injury, you deserve the care and compensation necessary to recover and prepare for your future. Serious, personal Injuries can result from any number of hazards or accidents, like:

  • Falling objects
  • Electrocution
  • Automobile accidents or rollovers
  • Defective vehicles
  • Damaged Roadways 

Have you or a loved one sustained a life-threatening, catastrophic injury that has created brain injuries, spinal injuries, or caused post-injury PTSD? Call Odjaghian Law Group to secure the medical care and monetary compensation you deserve.

Every worker, regardless of immigration status, who is injured while employed on construction and building sites is covered by Workers’ Compensation. 

If you or your loved one was badly injured on the job, the employer’s insurance company is required by law to provide necessary treatment for recovery or relief of symptoms following a serious injury. But, new legislation is restrictive and limits injured workers’ access to care, which can be difficult to navigate and get what you deserve without an attorney experienced in CA Workers Compensation Law. 

Odjaghian Law Group is well versed in all the intricacies of California Workers Compensation Law, and we’ve won hefty settlements on behalf of severely injured clients whose employers failed to provide adequate healthcare and meet workplace safety requirements.

If you have sustained serious injury on the job that has resulted in spinal injuries, concussions, PTSD, or amputations of legs or arms, then contact Odjaghian Law Group.

There are thousands of construction sites in California. Under enormous pressure to complete construction jobs on time, on-the-job accidents often occur. Construction accidents, such as falling from scaffolding, slipping from ledges or ladders, or coming into contact with dangerous chemicals or fumes, can cause very serious injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spinal cord injuries.

If you are injured while employed on a construction site, it is imperative that you see a doctor before returning to work. If you have sustained serious injuries of the spine, brain or are otherwise critically incapacitated, contact Odjaghian Law Group.


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Ms. Odjaghian brings with her a unique perspective in prosecuting plaintiffs’ catastrophic injury cases. Through her experience as a former defense attorney, she is able to anticipate the defense position and negotiate outstanding results on behalf of catastrophically injured workers. Ms. Odjaghian has obtained over $100,000,000.00 in record-breaking settlement awards on behalf of catastrophically injured workers in the last few years alone.

Our firm represents a very select number of injured workers who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, severe PTSD, or other such serious injuries on the job. We take on a small number of clients precisely because we understand and appreciate that catastrophic injuries, particularly traumatic brain injuries are life changing occurrences that require super personalized care and attention.

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Leader and Lawyer Tina Odjaghian Addresses Brain SoCal Attendees at the Inaugural Event in Downtown Los Angeles

Tina Odjaghian, Brain SoCal Founder and leading attorney in Traumatic Brain Injury Law greets her capacity-crowd of 800 distinguished attendees, outlining her bold vision for Brain SoCal.

Brain SoCal is a brain-trust of elevated medical and legal minds aligning to exchange fresh ideas, insights and cutting-edge medical and legal knowledge and resources. Brain SoCal’s core purpose is to provide wisdom and assistance to families and professionals charged with the grave responsibility of advocating on behalf of individuals suffering from brain injury. Brain SoCal equips care-providers and family members with the tools required to make informed choices. The objective is a wide reaching effect to raise the bar industry-wide.

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