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Construction Roofing Accident

M. Ortiz v. Wolfe Roofing Company
Settled for $6,000,000

On April 9th, 2012,  professional roofer Miguel Ortiz was on the job when he slipped and fell from a roof. Miguel’s head met the concrete with disastrous force resulting in a severe fracture of the skull. Miguel lived, but this accident changed his life forever. Miguel Ortiz head still bears the deep scar from the fracture which doctors repaired with a metal plate, but his recovery was far from over. 

Miguel’s terrible exterior injury was the most visible damage, but his wounded brain began to reveal evidence of a deeper injury that would take even longer to recover. Miguel lost his memory. 

Miguel Ortiz recounts, “I barely knew that I had children.” As Miguel struggled to remember, his life was falling apart. Like many catastrophically injured individuals, Miguel’s complicated injuries and long rehabilitation was an emotionally draining burden that took a toll on his family and marriage. Financial stress and coming to grips with the extent of his ‘unseen’ injuries was overwhelming, a losing battle. It didn’t help that Miguel’s initial legal representation was wholly inadequate. “My first  attorneys had no idea what they were doing.” Miguel was not in a good place to recover. But things took a 360 degree turn when Miguel met Tina Odjaghian. Miguel affirms; “Tina knows what she's doing.” Tina took charge with her unique blend of compassionate, forthright efficiency. Miguel recalls Tina’s transparent procedure. “She prepared the claim and explained the process to me; she made it clear it was going to be a long process and so I was I was prepared.” Miguel knew he was finally in good hands. 

“Tina got me a result of $6,000,000. Thanks to Tina I don't have to worry about money, clothes for my children, or medical care for life.” Miguel has high praise for her kind and tenacious approach. “Tina is an angel with the character of a tiger.”


Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,750,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $5,300,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,200,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $7,000,000 (indemnity)
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,432,805
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,150,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $5,000,000
Counsel for Applicant
Awarded $2,750,000
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