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Motorcycle Accident

M. Noxon v. LL Motorcycles
Awarded $2,750,000

“Tina has been there for every major thing I need her for. Every doctor visit. Extremely helpful, absolutely needed her 100% and she was there.”

M Noxon , Workers' Compensation Settlement

Before his accident, Michael Noxon was a smart, attractive man who worked hard and enjoyed life. As a motorcycle repairman and salesperson for Larry Lilley Motorcycles, he was well-compensated for his work, which included test driving new motorcycles.

On March 14, 2012, however, Michael’s promising life took an unexpected turn during a scheduled test drive of a newly assembled motorcycle when the motorcycle got out of control and Michael was injured. Due to injury-related amnesia, Michael has never been able to relay exactly what happened during the accident. What is known is that he sustained a traumatic brain injury which caused post-concussive symptoms, cognitive dysfunction, depression, anxiety, left clavicular fracture, and emotional and physical difficulties.

Unfortunately, as with some types of brain trauma, the extent of Michael’s injuries was not fully discernable, and therefore Michael himself didn’t receive the rehabilitation he needed. Michael’s brain injuries were such that he didn’t realize how bad he was, and kept trying to find work. Unfortunately, his injuries had so impacted his cognitive function that he was unable to hold more basic jobs such as a cashier.

Even after securing counsel, Michael’s case was an uphill battle. Defendants refused to acknowledge the nature and extent of Michael’s injuries and thus no productive settlement negotiations occurred. Michael’s counsel, Odjaghian Law Group, therefore had to push for a trial on all issues. Due to their extensive preparation and aggressive trial strategy, the judge issued a 100% disability Finding and Award. Subsequent to that, Odjaghian Law Group was able to negotiate at $2,750,000.00 settlement to ensure that Michael would be able to live the rest of his life without financial worries, and with the ongoing medical care he needed. Odjaghian Law Group also facilitated the purchase of an annuity so that Michael’s cognitive impairments would not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in the future.


Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,750,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $5,300,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,200,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $7,000,000 (indemnity)
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $6,000,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,432,805
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,150,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $5,000,000
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