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Construction Accident Fall

E. Zhang v. Grandland International Inc.
Settled for $5,000,000

Mr. Zhang had put his time into the workforce, and at 51, was a maintenance supervisor for Grandland International, Inc. On April 4, 2012, he fell several feet from a ladder, sustaining injuries to his skull, back, neck, shoulders, and upper extremities. Instead of looking forward to retirement, Mr. Zhang’s severe injuries called into question whether he would even live through the next 48 hours.

Immediately after his fall, Mr. Zhang was transported to the hospital where he underwent an emergency craniotomy due to numerous brain bleeds. After his two week hospital recovery from the craniotomy, Mr. Zhang then had to endure a cervical spinal surgery. His list of injuries included spinal cord hemorrhage, cord compression, drug-induced hyperglycemia, hypotension, epidural hematoma, urinary and bowel dysfunction, right arm weakness, right leg weakness, the inability to balance and walk, as well significant personality changes, cognitive deficits, depression, anxiety, and vestibular dysfunction.

Unfortunately, due to Mr. Zhang’s age and the serious nature of his injury, defendants adopted a “wait-and-see” strategy rather than pursuing settlement, betting that Mr. Zhang would succumb to his injuries before long. They didn’t count on Odjaghian Law Group being retained. Tina Odjaghian and her legal team were able to secure the assistance of physiatry and neuropsychology experts in order to provide Mr. Zhang with the inpatient neuro-rehabilitation he needed. Odjaghian Law Group tirelessly developed the medical record, despite significant resistance from defendants, and ultimately was able to establish that Mr. Zhang required lifelong care in a structured living environment as well as treatment in multiple specialties.

Odjaghian Law Group secured a $5,000,000.00 structured settlement for Mr. Zhang, ensuring that he has the necessary care he needs to not only survive, but to thrive.


Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,750,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $5,300,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,200,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $4,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $3,500,000
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $7,000,000 (indemnity)
Counsel for Applicant
Settled for $6,000,000
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Settled for $3,432,805
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Settled for $3,150,000
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Awarded $2,750,000
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