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$7 Million Construction Accident Settlement

M. Gil v. Cable Brothers
Settled for $7,000,000

“She is a great lawyer because she helped me a lot and got a great settlement. I thank Tina for all her help and for all her kindness. Thank you Tina, you saved my life.”

M. Gil , Construction Accident Settlement

For Marco, a twenty-something cable installer and father of two, it seemed like an ordinary day on the job. But October 28, 2011 was anything but that, seeing Marco fall a frightening thirty feet to the ground in the course of his duties and sustain a fracture of his skull, broken femur, and collapsed lung. From there, Marco suffered amnesia, cognitive impairment, memory loss, vertigo, tinnitus, vestibular dysfunction, depression, and anxiety, necessitating significant emergency treatment and neurorehabilitation.

Despite such a list of severe injuries, Defendants initially disputed the nature and extent of Marco’s injuries, delaying his ongoing neurorehabilitation, and with it his chances of some semblance of a return to normalcy. At one point, Defendants’ actions resulted in Marco being discharged prematurely to his house, where he had no access to the significant and necessary daily care and therapy someone in his position desperately needed.

After retaining Tina Odjaghian as new counsel in 2013, Marco’s case took a significant turn for the better. Physiatry and neuropsychology experts were instrumental in Ms. Odjaghian’s aggressive strategy to significantly strengthen the medical record with respect to Marco’s injuries. These experts all agreed that Marco was permanently and 100% disabled as a result of his fall, which gave Defendants no choice but to settle.

Odjaghian Law Group takes pride in getting what an injured worker truly needs in terms of treatment. To that end, a negotiated settlement was reached of $7,000,000.00, with $340,000.00 going to Marco upfront, and the remainder placed in a structured settlement guaranteeing Marco $21,000.00 per month for twenty years. To ensure that Marco would not be taken advantage of, Ms. Odjaghian also secured a professional fiduciary as conservator for Marco’s estate, thus seeing to it that Marco was well looked after subsequent to the settlement documents being signed.


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